Global Health Action, Strategies & Solutions (GHASS)
Our clients include Governments, Consortia of Non-governmental Organisations, International Organisations, Private Philanthropists and Businesses who can see the benefits of  a global second opinion solutions to global disasters and emergencies by making the best possible use of a coalition of global talent Tel: +447834438479 Email Charlie@yourexcellenthealth.org
Office: 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD, UK
I am really pleased to share with you my TEDx talk on Global Health. It will upset a few vested interests and was recorded live in July 2019 Heidelberg. Any feedback welcome and let me know if you want to help & please share with as many people as possible.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTlCAQJaro 

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  Bad things happen in the world and people suffer.  A rapid, intelligent approach to deal with disasters is needed.  GHASS is that whether it be Natural or man-made disasters, Infections, Epidemics, Pandemics, Chronic diseases, Obesity. Hypertension, Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBRN) and Nuclear hazards.

They may lack sufficient funds or adequate trained manpower whilst juggling with multiple crises .   Transparency International highlights the problems of endemic corruption world-wide. They may lack data gathering/analysis resources .  The gap between an official ministerial statement and action on the ground can be very significant

They are often bureaucracies where skills may not meet needs .  Very hard to sack anyone for not doing their job to the required level.  May gather data but not share it.  Slow to act & Poor at execution in certain areas.  Have political considerations that may involve not offending others .  

They may not be available when & where you need them. They may choose not to travel to difficult locations and may give you advice that does not fit your particular needs.

They sometimes lack accountability & this may lead to ‘perverse’ actions that do not help those who need it. They have a need to persuade potential donors that they have the right solution or that the problem is X when it may be Y. Some are fiercely uncollaborative and in such cases can hinder progress.

Some experts make their name through 1 or 2 key ideas that seal their reputation and their prestige. Their ideas may re-circulate through international agencies despite limited proof of effect.   Some but not all academic experts find it hard to admit when a new problems needs new solutions outside their range of experience or expertise.

The scale of the problem

'More than 300 natural disasters have occurred each year over the past decade. In 2013 alone, natural disasters killed more than 21,000 people, affected more than 96 million others, and resulted in estimated economic damage of US $ 118.6 billion.'  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


In our mission and values GHASS has researched and learned from the best. GHASS’s core values are as follows: ·      We believe in the vision established by the founder of the international firm Arup www.arup.com & we support his timeless values (Sir Ove Arup (1895-1988)  http://www.ovearupfoundation.org/oaf/ove-arup/:) ·      We will ensure that the GHASS name is always associated with quality. ·      We will act honestly and fairly in dealings with our staff and others. ·      We will enhance prosperity for all GHASS staff & contractors. ·       We will be responsible and good citizens to the communities in which we live and work in. Our priorities are: ·      Our clients ·      Our creativity, ·      Our people, ·      Sustainable development, We will shape a better world by: ·      Enhancing prosperity and the quality of life ·      Delivering real value

The main aims are to: ·      Have the freedom to be creative and to learn ·      Ensure Quality in what we do and advise ·      Operate a Humane organisation ·      Ensure ethical engagement at all stages ·      Provide Social usefulness ·      Provide reasonable prosperity of members. ·      Delighted and engaged staff and clients ·      Have a fantastic reputation and influence. But this will need: ·      A membership of quality ·      Efficient organisation ·      Solvency ·      Unity and enthusiasm   GHASS believes in ·      Innovation, ·      Teamwork, ·      Safety, ·      Social responsibility.

Knowledge:  Logistics, Infectious diseases, Public & Occupational Health, Drugs, Vaccines, Health infrastructures and software, sociology/anthropology, Disruptive technology.

Whatever the problem we can source the knowledge or innovate as required.



Quality focused.

Public Health

General & Occupational Health.


Plain words with no jargon.

Action orientated.

Fixers not fudgers.

On site. 
Confidentiality We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and associates.

Ethics We always conduct our own services honestly and honorably, and expect our clients and suppliers to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers.

Duty of care Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant law, and we believe that all businesses and organizations, including this consultancy, should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people in the organizations we deal with, the local and wider environments, and the well-being of society at large.

On time.
Conflict of interest Due to the sensitive nature of our particular consultancy services, we will not provide a service to a direct competitor of a client, and we generally try to avoid any dealings with competitor companies even after the cessation of services to a client.

Contracts Our contract will usually be in the form of a detailed proposal, including aims, activities, costs, timescales and deliverables. The quality of our service and the value of our support provide the only true basis for continuity. We always try to meet our clients' contractual requirements, and particularly for situations where an external funding provider requires more official parameters and controls.

Fees Our fees are always competitive for what we provide, which is high quality, tailored, specialized service. As such we do not generally offer arbitrary discounts; generally a reduction in price is only enabled by reducing the level or extent of services to be delivered. That said, we always try to propose solutions, which accommodate our clients' available budgets and timescales. Wherever possible we agree our fees and basis of charges clearly in advance, so that we and our clients can plan reliably for what lies ahead, and how it is to be achieved and financially justified.

Payment We aim to be as flexible as possible in the way that our services our charged. Some clients prefer fixed project fees; others are happier with retainers, and we try to fit in with what will be best for the client. We make no attempt to charge interest on late payments, so we expect payments to be made when agreed. Our terms are generally net monthly in arrears.

On the ball.
Intellectual property and moral rights We retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that we create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. In return we respect the moral and intellectual copyright vested in our clients' intellectual property.

Quality assurance We maintain the quality of what we do through constant ongoing review with our clients, of all aims, activities, outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of every activity. We encourage regular review meetings and provide regular progress reports. This consultancy has been accredited under a number of quality assurance schemes. Further details are available on request.

Professional conduct We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgment and any recommendations that we give, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our clients.

Equality and non-discrimination We always strive to be fair and objective in our advice and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.


Global disasters require a global 2nd opinion, which  projects and portrays real situations as they are. We are independent - not tied to governments or fixed ways of doing things if we can bring disruptive technology or ideas to solve a health problem effectively and efficiently we will! The GHASS team are action strategists who THINK, CONSULT & RE-THINK to find the best solutions that can be acted on promptly and efficiently


Rapid analysis

Based on our understanding of commercial, media, political, environmental, inter-agency challenges we assess, report and reccomend and if requested implement action. 

Rapid review

We identify the problem and measure it.  We suggest and can implement ways to fix it.  We assimilate situations fast and provide robust solutions that clients can understand and support.

Rapid proposals

Time is money and time is lives saved.  GHASS speaks truth to power & aims to share its findings with the public.

Rapid action

GHASS Action Strategists 
A consultant will tell you your boiler is not working.  An academic will tell you in detail why it is not working.  An action strategist will fix your boiler and suggest alternative cost-effective ways of heating your home and will ensure you have all safety measures in place to prevent death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

W.H.O. Promises Reform After Criticism Over Ebola Response.  “The world, including W.H.O., is ill prepared for a large and sustained disease outbreak,”  
Dr. Margaret Chan, W.H.O. Director General.


We work with the best and the most committed. If that is you then please get in touch. Our 3 founders are Charlie, Stephen and Richard (no longer actively involved).  

Dr Charlie Easmon MBBS MRCP MSc Public Health DTM&H DoccMed DFPH trained at St George's, London. He did his elective in Ghana (his country of birth) and has since worked with, among others, Merlin, Raleigh International and Save the Children in Rwanda, and ECHO in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. With the Foreign Office he has visited Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. In 2009 he re-visited Rwanda and has since done medicals or given talks in the Congo, Botswana and Mozambique. His expertise in to travel medicine and public health was through medical evacuations, working abroad and stints at the Hospital for Tropical Disease's travel clinic. He has built his own private medical business and counts 12% of the FT100 amongst his clients.  The current business is called Your Excellent Health Service www.yourexcellenthealth.co.uk and is based at 1 Harley Street.  Charlie has been featured in Time Out: Ghanaian Londoners: http://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/london-lives-the-ghanaian-doctor In Charlie was awarded the Excell award for Innovation, Dedication and Excellence at the 8th Annual Ghanaian Professional's Association Awards.  Charlie has been featured in CNN African Voices: http://edition.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/international/2013/07/15/inside-africa-ghanaians-london-b.cnn.html  &  he was interviewed on The Nana Churcher Show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTsZ2JWhhts Email: Charlie@yourexcellenthealth.org
Tel: +447834438479

MBBCh PhD FFTM RCGPS(Glasg) FACTM FFTM ACTM CTropMed   Dr Stephen Toovey is an infectious and tropical disease physician. His PhD work investigated antimalarial safety. Dr Toovey worked for many years in Africa and is now based in Europe. He has worked in  academia, and in the private sector, in both developed and developing countries. He advises a number of large organisations on infection related matters, and is associate editor of the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. He conducts research into infectious diseases, with current interests that include malaria, avian and seasonal influenza and other respiratory viruses, rabies and the neurological aspects of infectious diseases. He has authored over 110 publications in peer reviewed medical journals and contributed to a number of text books. He is a frequent speaker at scientific meetings.
Email: Malaria@sunrise,ch
Tel: +41788504231

Richard is no longer actively involved but supports GHASS in spirit. He is a logistics expert.

“Emergencies occur nearly every day and affect thousands of communities around the world, leaving people in urgent need of help to survive and recover....Rapid assistance can save lives during an emergency.”
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation